While I am a firm believer that the specific skills to be good at something need not always have to inborn, I do agree that having them at birth itself does make things easier and give you a head start.  So, you might or might not want to be one but if you are familiar with following 6 signs, you carry the potential to be a psychologist.

You are observant.

No, not about the big picture but the tiny details that someone else would probably miss out on.

observant psychologist

You read. (an awful lot)

Books are one way to gather knowledge and you know it best.



Your questions mostly start with or is: why.

You have the innate want to get to the bottom of things and that takes your mind on endless rides but oh well…



You are possibly a major empathy.

You not only understand people’s emotions but sometimes, it feels as though you have experienced them first-hand.


You do not shy away from emotions.

Those emotional illnesses are as real as Donald Trump’s ignorance has only been brought to light recently but you.. you had a thing for it ages back.


You are a good listener.

and you know that. People like talking to you not only because you are patient as a saint but you spew advice like Oprah.


 None of these but still a potential psychologist.

..but you are aware that you can develop traits and virtues of a psychologist instead of cursing your ancestors for the wrong genes.

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