Someone once asked me “why do you love music This much?” I just replied, “Only that remains permanent”.Between all these materialistic worlds, one real, deep companion is “MUSIC”

Music can be in different formats but the way it attracts various kinds people is a unique way.Music is something beyond language.The way the rhythm goes, the more intense you feel.

The emotional power of rhythm is that it gives the exact,

intimate feeling of people!It enables us to create our own world!Whatever the language, it conveys the complete message of the song.This is where the songs stands high.It is always a good companion for people who live in their dark lonely room.

The music we hear describes what we are.It affects all your emotional stuff both in good and bad aspects.At times, it affects the way you perceive the world.Music the major and practical way of the uplifting mood of joy and at the depressing situations.


Record of new research shows songs can push up our happiness and threw all your sorrows.But there are cases, sad songs drive people into grief.Listening to it gives you Full pleasure and relaxation.

Music is rehabilitation progress of our emotions.It makes you flow all your emotions down and makes you strong.It gets into your heart and mold you and frame a complete package of happiness to you.

Tunes boost all our joy and make us active.It has a great impact on our personality.Preferences of songs tell about your mood swings.It has a strong influence over your string feeling.

Always remember the choice of your song plays the major part of your life.It also determines your way of thinking.Stay choosy always.

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