Certain psychological realities of life to be dealt with

Have patience for a successful accomplishment for Self Discovery.

As a quote suggests, “Don’t speak out your dreams”, it is not beneficial in announcing your ambitions out loud to the world. This is an attitude that will never help you in fulfilling your desired goals.

A number of psychological tests have proven that this habit of announcing your goal is the act of “Social reality” which makes you likely to be less motivated for self discovery. Revealing one’s goals in the public is a way of tricking one’s mind that the act has already been accomplished. In this regard, the real hard work behind their goal decreases and they become less concerned about it. On the other hand demonstrating your dreams in the open also creates a negative impact on yourself by others as well as by youTherefore it is important that you should keep your dreams only to yourself as the monstrous enemy and motivational best friendlies only within you.

Be smart enough to reach the potential of self discovery

The basic talent of a smart person is that they never show off or pretend themselves. They always carry thoughts which are broad enough to understand a person’s intentions and views, this should be your majour step for self discovery

Intelligent people have the tendency to accept their in capabilities and uses a perfect pattern for their talents.They have the ability to see a particular concept in different aspects and makes their act short and simple.

They are open-minded people and are usually very curious about learning stuff and are easily flexible.They adapt well to their surrounding environment, analyzing the need of the situation and reproduce it cleverly. Smart ones always work only when they find it meaningful. They build their own empire and make themselves as their only and every company.


self discovery

The dark nature of humor

The nature of humor always results from the undeniable truth. As research suggests, a person naturally having the tendencies for making other people happy is lonely from the inside. Although it might sound very strange ironically, it is the bitter truth of funny people.

People who are naturally funny, always find every possible way to crack jokes.They are generally full of wits and sharp mind. To create the proper joke then and there on the spot.These people are thereby gifted with the talent of extracting the right amount of humorous content from all the negative stuff.

Every comedian portrays a society’s limitations in a way that tends to be suspicious. They always live under extreme pressures to fulfill the expectations. that they are needed of a comedian. A comedian is perceived as someone who is always happy and needs to live in an atmosphere filled with laughter. They have to work harder to make others happy that goes to such an extent that they forget to live and spend time with their own self. In these cases, they forget to make themselves happy. They are really capable of understanding any sort of emotions and hence can analyze all kinds of situations for other people. This is the reason funny people are pulled towards the room of darkness.

Dress for your own

The dresses you wear reflects one’s personality and is an important element of self discovery too. It is very important that you dress in a way that you want it to be and according to the surroundings. The way you dress creates an impression on other people’s mindsets. The kind of style reflected in your outfit also makes you trendy. In this regard, update yourself with a fashionable outlook. Here your outfit should be in such way that, it develops a  sense of confidence within you. Create your own fashion trend but make sure that you are comfortable in that outfit. Thus it important that you dress for your job and not to get a job. This attitude makes you unique and helps in creating your own identity, your own self discovery.When you look good, you become friendly to your circle.

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