We all said I love you too many people in our life, now here our question is how many times did you tell I love you to yourself? We all know that everyone needs love and affection to stand strong mentally. The mistake we commonly do is, we expect that from others why don’t we love ourselves? The only step to love yourself unconditionally is accepted yourself. There are different people in this world weird ones, happy ones, sad ones, rich one’s but have you ever tried to define yourself by not categorizing into any existed ones.

Well, why do you think that people commit suicide?

There are many people who are doing it right from all social categories we have made like celebs, weirdos, poor, rich, men, women, teenagers, etc…because they can’t accept their life in the way they are living. But I’m telling you that you are lucky to be yourself because your tough situation asks you to fight against it but we all chose an easy way to end the problem by ending the life. We all know the English drama series that which came out last year “13 reasons why?” do you really think that the girl should end her life, she could have fought , many of us are just like her, we can’t accept our life in the way I has been going and we expect more from it. We don’t even take a chance to make it beautiful and we expect that on one magic day of our life everything will turn upside down by someone for us. Why can’t that someone be yourself? I know that’s not an easy thing to do but by following few steps you will be the most important person in this world for yourself.



  • By accepting your flaws and working on them to reinvent better version of you.
  • Appreciating yourself for all the good things you have done in a day.
  • Tracking down all your mistakes have done in a day.
  • Respect yourself.
  • Tell yourself that you love yourself at least once in a day.


These steps are to be followed with few simple rules


  • Never repeat your mistakes.
  • Never cross the line of self-acceptance and self-obsession.
  • It’s okay to be self-centered but not selfish.


Never ever forget that even earth is always dark on the other half, similarly our life but you’ll see the beautiful bright morning only after spending the dark night.As the conclusion of the article comes I want to tell you something that is the most import thing that you can ever hear in your life.

“There are many people like you on this planet but there is no one who is just exactly same as you. So this world needs you to fulfill your duties here.”

We don’t choose to take birth, it happens, similarly, we don’t have any right to end something that we didn’t start. Your willpower is stronger than your depression. Fight it and come out. Suicide is not the solution for every problem of your life. Every problem will have a solution in it we have to break down and find it to solve the problem. Go ahead break the problems, start living by loving yourself.

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