“Naming a Brand isn’t like naming a baby,” says Hayes Roth, chief marketing officer at Landor.In the field of marketing, Act of naming our product is an “Art”.The process should lead to a unique and Identifiable phrase.Because the name of the brand is the one that attracts people towards you!

The creator should have his complete attention over the naming process.First, the creator should be clever enough to magnetize people.He should make his customer satisfied and convenient by their name.Name of the brand should be always crispy and attractive.The main problem arises when one wishes to give complete use of his product in name of product.

The marketer should initially research on his customers.He should know what type of client he is going to handle.Accordingly, he may set his brand name for that it may attract those people.

Brand Names

Name of his/her brand should be catchy and short enough to Move smoothly among people.

Before releasing the product to the market, a survey can be done where you can get the variety of views from your customer based on your designated name.

When the marketing company selects their brand name, they should always have two terms-“what’s the purpose of the brand?” And the second one is “It’s shouldn’t be descriptive and flow of language should be familiar to people “.

The good part of naming the brand Is that It should convey the main aspect of the brand.It should be flexible and adaptable one than the competitor brand.

The logo and the tag line should portrait your brand.

Finally, during the process of naming our product, the creator should analyze the mentality of his customers and his surroundings.Accordingly, he should Market his brand with creative words which stay in hearts of customers for the number of decades.

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